Mistletunes - 2013 Christmas Music Playlist

It's here! The 2013 Christmas Playlist. 
Download Full Album Here.
Link: http://bit.ly/2013_Christmas

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1) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Bad Religion
2) Yeah, I Know, It's Christmastime – Andrew Dost
3) Fallen Snow – Au Revoir Simone
4) Got Something For You – Best Coast & Wavves
5) Blue Christmas – Bright Eyes
6) Frosty The Snowman – Cocteau Twins

7) Snow Is Falling – 
Darker My Love
8) Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade
9) Angels We Have Heard On High – 
Sufjan Stevens
10) A Beguiled Christmas In Sales– Jason Collett
11) Blizzard of '77– Nada Surf
12) Silent Night / Lord Can You Hear Me? – The Flaming Lips
13) Home We Won't Cry At Christmastime – Oldfolks Home
14) Put The Lights On The Tree– 
Sufjan Stevens
15) Hallelujah– Rufus Wainwright
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Ashura: Mumbai, India

Shi'a Muslims in Mumbai, India observe Ashura, the anniversary of the death of Hussein ibn Ali, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson at the hands of Umayyad troops in 680AD.

The day falls on the tenth day of the Islamic month of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar.

Hussein is regarded as a martyr by Shiite Muslims, who commemorate his death with fasting and self-flagellation.

Certain rituals like the traditional flagellation ritual called Talwar zani (talwar ka matam or sometimes tatbir) using a sword or zanjeer zani or zanjeer matam, involving the use of a zanjeer (a chain with blades) are also performed.

These are religious customs that show solidarity with Hussein and his family. People mourn the fact that they were not present at the battle to fight and save Hussein and his family. In some western cities, Shi'a communities have organized blood donation drives with organizations like the Red Cross on Ashura as a positive replacement for self-flagellation rituals like "Tatbir" and "Qame Zani".

Shia commonly believe that taking part in Ashura is to be absolved of sin. A popular Shia saying has it that, `a single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins.`

Mistletunes - 2012 Christmas Music Playlist

It's here! The 2012 Christmas Playlist. 
Download Full Album Here.
Link: http://bit.ly/2012Christmas

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1) The Winter Solstice – Sufjan Stevens
2) Snow Day – Matt Pond PA
3) Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
4) Christmas Song – Dave Matthews
5) Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – John Lennon & Yoko Ono
6) Auld Lang Syne – 
Sufjan Stevens
7) Holy, Holy, Holy – 
Sufjan Stevens
8) Do They Know It's Christmas – Band Aid
9) Hey Parker It's Christmas – Ryan Adams
10) Christmas With You Is The Best– The Long Winters
11) Let's Wrap Each Other – The National Splits
12) I Wish It Was Christmas Today – Julian Casablancas
13) Tiny Tree Christmas – Guster
14) Christmas Unicorn – 
Sufjan Stevens
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Mistletunes - 2011 Christmas Music Playlist

It's here! The 2011 Christmas Playlist. 
Download Full Album Here.

Link: http://bit.ly/2011Christmas

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1) Just Like Christmas – Low
2) Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
3) Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing – Sufjan Stevens
4) The Christmas Song – The Raveonettes
5) Happy Christmas (War Is Over) – The Polyphonic Spree
6) Holiday Road – Matt Pond PA
7) Carol Of The Bells – The Bird And The Bees
8) A Change At Christmas – The Flaming Lips
9) It's Christmas Time – Yo La Tengo
10) Christmas Is Going To The Dogs– Eels
11) Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Ron Sexsmith
12) Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Death Cab For Cutie
13) Christmas Eve – Teenage Fanclub
14) Valley Winter Song – Fountains Of Wayne
15) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – She & Him
16) Winter Wonderland – Liz Phair
17) The Little Drummer Boy – Deerhoof
18) Ice & Ribbons – Vitesse
19) Father Christmas – The Kinks
20) Tinsel Politics – Standard Fare