I have arrived safely. After a day and a half in different airplanes and airports, My friend, Tyler McBain and I arrived in Addis Ababa close to midnight last night. We spent the day exploring the capital city and met some wonderful new friends who invited us into their home to share injera and lentils - one of the typical Ethiopian dishes. Their names were Yidenkachew Seifu and his sister Kidist. They live in a small house with twenty other people - afternoon tea was crowded! Making friends hasn't been a problem and we have been received with open arms. I can't express what an honor it is for me to have the experience of making the friends I did today and having them share with me what little they have. We shared our musical talents and talked about social issues and politics affecting the country. Just like any other large city, it is congested and polluted but full of life.

I am heading south tomorrow to make my way to the Lower Omo Valley in South West Ethiopia in search of some lip plates, loin cloths, and and body scarification. We have been doing a crash course in Amharic since English doesn't seem to be widely spoken here.