Ethiopia II

We are back in the capital to stock up on supplies before we begin the next chapter of our journey. This past 10 days has taken us to some of the more remote regions of the country and the top 3 highlights include

1. Tyler's malaria scare which turned out to be just the negative effects of drinking the tap water.
2. Being robbed by our rifle toting game scout who was supposed to be the person protecting us. Ironic, isn't it?
3. Being chased out of the Dogatu village at Konso and having stones and mud thrown at us.

Addis is much colder than you would expect. As the 2nd highest capital city in the world, the weather can be very interesting sometimes. For example, it is hailing golf balls right now and I am wearing a sweater. The south was hot, dry and dusty. You can also buy 11 bananas there for 13 cents.

No matter what anyone tells you, don't drink the water in Ethiopia. Seriously.