Los Angeles

I am patiently waiting at Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd. In Los Angeles for the Flight Of The Concords to start their In-Store Performance. Arriving alone has its benefits. I was able to cut to the 40th position in line out of about 5000 people.

I just drove 6 hours from Berkeley.

I spent last night aboard the 1969, 39' sailboat 'Gennao' in San Francisco Bay. After dinner and great conversation at Sian Thai Restaurant, Ted and Melissa Biggs were kind enough to invite me to spend the night before driving back to Los Angeles for the weekend. Ted is curently working on his MA in Folklore at Berkeley. He lives with his wife, Melissa, at the Berkeley Marina as liveaboards. Melissa is 8 months pregnant and they are planning on remaining on-board after Madison is born. I am truly envious of their living situation.

My first 2 nights in SF were spent urban camping. I caught a small cold when I woke up in a church parking lot in Oakland on April 22nd.

Highlights of San Francisco (April 21-24):
-Dinner with Ted & Melissa in Berkeley
-View from Telegraph Hill & Golden Gate Bridge
-Great programming on NPR

Other Notable Moments in the bay area:
-Sleeping in my car (due to rain) at the Marriott Courtyard in South San Francisco
-Sleeping in a church parking lot in Oakland
-Haight-Ashbury made me feel dirty

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