Gulf Islands - Day 2 - Montague to Telegraph

After spending the morning practicing docking techniques, we said goodbye to Montague Harbour on Galiano Island and motored northwest through Houston Passage to Wallace Island and had lunch in Princess Bay.

It was low tide, so Andrew and I took the dinghy outside the bay to explore the rocky ledges that were painted with purple and orange starfish. Nearby, we also ran into 4 seals who curiously watched us in our explorations. A short hike allowed me to explore some of the walking trails and rocky ledges on both sides of the narrow islet that seperates the bay from Houston Passage. It is such a peaceful feeling to have the sounds of a cityscape replaced with birds, woodland creatures, and the ocean lapping up against the rocks.

Our departure from Princess Bay allowed Captain Doug to give us a brief tutorial on navigation and course plotting. As we rounded the north tip of Saltspring Island, the winds began to pick up so we put out the sails and headed northwest through Stuart Channel to Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island. As we docked at the Telegraph Harbour Marina around dinner time I spotted 2 bald eagles soaring in the tall spruce, fir, hemlock and cedar trees.

I cooked up some salmon steaks for the crew and shortly after, Dr. Steve, Bruce and I took a walk up the picturesque Pikey Point Road to Preedy Harbour. It was the first time I had smelled fresh cut grass this year. The view from above the harbour gave us a great view of the smaller islands in the channel. The ocean was calm and so were the winds. As we walked by a small herd of cattle, I couldn't help but notice how relatively undeveloped Thetis Island is compared to the other Gulf Islands. Bruce said the island reminded him of taking sailing trips with his family in the 1960's because not much had changed. The shops were independently owned and operated, ice cream shops still served the same great flavours, and the architecture made it seem as though there had been no new development in 40 years.

It must have hit up to 18 degrees today. I had on a t-shirt for about an hour while we were sailing.

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