Gulf Islands - Day 3 - Telegraph to Maple Bay

At 7am my alarm sounded and I was joined by the rest of the crew for a french toast breakfast. The morning was spent mapping courses and bearings. I have been wanting to spend more time on mapping and this morning was a great opportunity to sit down with the others and understand some of these basic navigation principles.

Around noon, as the bay hit an ultra low tide, I walked across The Cut to Kuper Island. We needed to wait about a half hour for the tide to rise to our keel wouldn't hit the bottom as we exited the harbour. During that time, I spotted my first sea otter of the journey which was on shore searching for food.

The winds were pretty light as we left so we motored until they
picked up. After raising the sails, we practiced some crew-over-board drills in Stuart Channel. Then, with the sails raised and our stern pointed south towards Maple Bay. The narrow passage south is covered from sea to sky with evergreen trees on high mountains of over 1000'. Just above the rocky shore, the tree line starts and never stops. At times I could see secluded cabins that someone had built which, I imagine, are only accessable by a boat. Seabirds flew accross the water and alongside our boat as we sailed down the channel. I was at the helm for this portion of the journey and sailed us into Birds Eye Cove where we docked for the night.

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