Feist // BC Legislature Lawn

Feist's gorgeously lilting voice and her quirky love songs sound like they were meant to be heard under an open sky, with the sliver of a moon hanging above the stage.

They are, for the most part, songs of pastoral romance and pure emotion, some of them focused on the natural world and all its beauty. The venue, therefore, was an idyllic setting for the music.

The glaring sun dipped behind the trees moments before the Grammy-nominated singer took the stage, filling the big borderless space with her voice and the strong forceful beat of When I Was a Young Girl, off her 2004 album, Let it Die.

With Feist all dressed in white, the mood was set for a rather mellow sunset cruise-type evening.

Her often tinkling, sometimes loungey sounds seem to have the effect of a great generational equalizer, with teenaged daughters joined by their mothers, near-retirement couples on their own, lots of twenty-somethings and more than a few knee-high fans who are likely big fans of Feist's recent appearance on Sesame Street.

The BC Legislature is located in our Provincial Capital - Victoria, British Columbia.