Moyogalpa, Nicaragua

I am sitting on the deck of a cargo freighter sailing from Moyogalpa, on the island of Ometepe, to San Jorge. This island is Nicaraguan to the core and insulated from the rest of the country by the sometimes choppy waters of Lake Cocibolca.

I was only there for 24 hours but managed to grasp the immense beauty of the islands two volcanoes (Concepcion & Maderas), the bounty of wildlife and the large agricultural reserves which grow plantain, banana, and coffee bean.

I spent the night at Finca Magdelena, a coffee cooperative established in the 1980's. For $8USD, my brother and I got a private room with a shared shower. Compared to some of the other accommodation we have had, I would say that it was pretty luxurious. Our meals averaged just over $2USD each and the food was fantastic except for the flies which were a constant nuisance.

Right now, I am staring at Volcan Concepcion which rises 1,610 meters above the lake. An active volcano, the slopes of Concepcion are covered with tropical dry forest species like guacimo and guanacaste. There are some very distinctive features that exist due to the volcanoes past eruptions. In 1880, the volcano erupted with such force that lava and smoke flowed out of the crater for nearly a year. It happened again in 1907, 1921, 1924, and most recently in 1957.

A beautiful island with warm people. It's a shame that I only had 24 hours to visit but time seems to be the one factor that I am having the most difficult time controlling.

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