On a bus, somewhere between San Jose, CR and Managua, Nicaragua

Is it possible to become a national celebrity overnight?

In the past 24 hours, I have managed to be a guest presenter on Repretel Canal 6 on one of Central America's most watched televised festivals, I was featured on the 6 o'clock news, introduced to Costa Rica's biggest names in Bull Fighting- all because I was willing to get up close and personal with some of the countries meanest fighting bulls.

I don't mind taking risks. I often don't even see them as risks. I see them more as calculated decisions where the benefits of a successful execution outweigh a potential failure. This is where I was at last night.

I had heard rumors that the Fiestas de San Jose at Zapote allowed people with no previous bull fighting experience to get in the ring with bulls who weighed in the range of 450-500 kilos and were mean to the core.

I was the perfect candidate, I thought. I had no previous experience. I wanted to fight a bull. I met all the requirements.

I showed up with my brother, Adam and a friend Andrew who had just arrived in Costa Rica a day earlier. Convincing them wasn't hard. We were all up for some adventure.

We showed up early and met Sergio. He wanted to make sure we got as close to the bulls as possible because “Costa Ricans want to see Gringos get hurt. Bad”.

I have to admit. He was freaking me out a bit. He introduced us to the bulls we would be fighting. They were big. Mean. Raw. Intimidating. More than once, I asked myself 'what am I getting into?'

Fast forward a couple hours and I am standing about 20 feet in front of a Mexican Fighting Bull holding a giant white cape. in the middle of a 4500 seat stadium which is being internationally televised throughout Central America.

The bulls eyes are locked with mine. We are both focused on each other. The bull has done this before. I, on the other hand only had a 10 minute crash course from a retired bull fighter named Sergio. I am scared. I am questioning why I decided to do this. I want to get out of this but I can't. It's too late. The bull already has me in his sights. I'm the target.

The bulls hoof grinds the dirt and he runs towards me. I'm focused. At the last moment I drop the cape over the bulls head. His focus changes from me to the cape and I run. Fast. This happened 4 times last night. 3 of those times with Adam. I get the feeling that the crowd was a little disappointed that the bull didn't drive his horns into my chest and pin me against the wall.

It was a rush of adrenalin and even though I managed to escape the wrath of the bull, my legs ache. Bad. My toes are bruised from jumping and hitting the wall so many times.

My friend Andrew wasn't so lucky. He was gored and tossed over the wall by a bull. Chanel 6 interviewed him as well and he became a bit of a celebrity.

I love a good scare. Something that makes you stop breathing for a moment and causes you to say 'Holy Ssssshhhhhhh.....'

Next stop - Nicaragua.
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